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Alex wants to pursuit her dream in becoming a singer, just like her mother. When receiving a scholarship at UCL alongside her best friend Phoebe everything seemed to be going to plan. That was before she ran into the universities heartbreaker, Niall Horan. When the inevitable happens they fall in love however when recovering from a car crash, she forgets he even exists..


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Imagine;Harry Styles Part 2 —REQUESTED—

Hey guys! Here’s part 2. I hope you like it. I’m thinking of actually putting in a name for the main girl in the story so message me your names and i’ll add them in. If you aren’t used for the main girl then i’ll try use as many as I can for smaller characters. Let me know what you think and if you want me to continue the story more. Oh and this chapter is mainly in Harry’s POV just so you can see what the same scene was like from their different views however i probably won’t do this all the time because it might get a bit boring? idk , let me know :) - Emilyx


Harrys POV;

As I walk out into the cold English weather I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. Its a notification from twitter, the bar I was out just posted a picture of me and their staff. Shit. I better get out of here before loads of fans arrive. This was the only downside to the job, there is literally no private life. I’ve been having a really rough time recently with the paps putting stories about me in the paper, about how i supposedly ‘sleep with loads of girls’ and ‘want to get out of the contract with one direction’. It’s such bullshit what they write, and all of that just to get a good story. As I walk around the corner a girl in a little black dress walked straight into me. “I am so sorry” I apologised and looked down at her to make sure she was ok. She looked up slowly and as I look into her big blue eyes I swear I see a light behind them. A high pitched noise pierces my ears “OH MY GOD. YOU’RE HARRY STYLES. MY FRIENDS ARE AROUND THE CORNER LET ME JUST CALL THEM”. I feel my self start to panic, I really don’t want to be mobbed right now especially as there is no security so I could be here for hours. It looks like its too late, someone must of heard her scream as a whole group of people are running in our direction. SHIT, Harry think. Without hesitating for another moment i’m running across the streets of London with a group of teenagers running after me. It puzzles me why their parents let them out at hours like this. I mean its not that late I guess, but London can be a dangerous city. I spot a small corner shop light still on and I run to it as it is out of sight of the group of girls. 

I walk into the shop and the bell goes off and I hear a shuffling at the back so I walk closer the source of noise. I hear a soft voice shout out “Sorry we’re just about to close”. Shit. “please, can you just let me stay here for a couple hours, ill pay you or whatever umm I wouldn’t normally do this but I’m desperate” Seriously Styles? Desperate? I sound like a right freak. As she turns around I notice how beautiful this shop assistant is. She look quite young, maybe 17 or 18 however she has dark circles under her eyes, I’m guessing from long hours at this dump. Her dirty blonde hair is tied back into a loose bun with pieces falling out of it. I realised I was staring so  abruptly stopped my thoughts however I noticed her examining me much like i was with her. I clear my throat and ask “I guess thats a yes?” Her cheeks turn a light shade of pink as she knows I’ve caught her admiring. I guess thats just a thing that comes with fame, people seem to idolise you and love every imperfection. I guess thats a good thing in a way though. When I was at school the flaws were pointed out as negatives but now people seem to shine the light of them believing they caused me to be somewhat their idea of ‘perfect’. To my disappointment she replied “Umm no sorry I really have to get home, couldn’t you like find a shop near by thats still open or something?”. Oh god. I can’t risk going back out there. I try one last time “Please there is no shops near by open and if I go out there again, I’ll get mobbed by fans. Just please please please let me stay. I’ll do anything”. A cute little giggle leaves her mouth and she managed to say “sorry that sounded sooo wrong, yeah… um sorry I’m a little immature when I’m this tired” I couldn’t help but smile back at her, her smile is just so infective, its just beautiful. God harry, snap out of it, this drink is really making you go all soppy. She continued “Sorry about that, but what do you mean mobbed by fans?”. Maybe she’s a little too much to drink too? “Wait, you don’t know who i am?”. She just looked at me in confusion and sighed, “Nope, no clue but I guess you can stay here for an hour at max, you can take a seat out back if you want”. 

Her POV: 

As he takes a seat of the tattered sofa next to the back door he curiously questions me. “Is this some kind of joke, or do you honestly not know who i am?” I shrug “No, sorry I don’t really keep up with stuff nowadays too busy running the shop and then working as much extra time on weekday nights as I can because my landlord has raised the bill and I’m in charge of my little sister ever since our parents left, so no. I don’t know who you are i don’t keep up with all the bullshit they write in the magazines these days” I take a deep breath and then realise I just literally let out all my negative feeling towards this guy I hardly knew. “Shit, sorry I didn’t mean for that to come across like that. Sorry…so whats your name? and why should I know you?” He smiles and I feel a sense of comfort. “Don’t worry about it, I get what you mean about the gossip in the magazines nowadays, most of it isn’t true. Sorry as well, I might of come across as cocky expecting you to know who I am but i guess not, its just most girls your age know who I am. I’m Harry Styles, in a band called one direction?” One Direction. One Direction. I know I’ve heard that somewhere. Oh, my little sister. She loves them, always playing their dreadful music. “Oh yeah, my sister listens to you guys” He chuckles and walks to the front of the store. “You know working in one of these corner stores, you should really know my face I mean look at all these magazines.” I blush. What is wrong with me? “Yeah maybe i should but in my defence it is pretty dark in here and…” I’m interrupted by a loud bang on the shop window which makes me jump out of my skin. “Shit.” I hear Harry mutter. I’m guessing these are the fans he was talking about. I run to the back of the shop where Harry is already standing. I open the window and feel the cold winter night breeze against my skin. “Harry, This way. Jump out of the window and go through down that alley and take a left, it should take you back down on to the main street. Oh and here” I threw him my grey hoodie I was wearing. “Thanks” he replied and pulled it over his head. “Don’t worry I’ll distract them. It was nice meeting you Mr.Styles. ” he smirked at me before quickly jumping out the window and heading down the street. Shit. Now I have to think of an excuse. I grab my stuff and head out of the front door. I bunch of girls surround me asking questions like “Where is harry?” “Who are you?” “Are you guys dating?”. Lights are flashing all in front of me which I’m presuming are paps. “Harry went out the back and is already in a taxi, he just dropped in to get some food so no we aren’t dating and I’m just the shop assistant here. Now can you please move I really have to get home”. 

*The next morning*

I wake up to the sound of my little sisters shouting my name. “Shit, come look here now!” I run to the Kitchen expecting a burglar or something to be there but no its just my sisters teen magazine which she buys every Sunday for some bizarre reason. But I soon realise that there on the front cover is a picture of me with the headlines “Styles’s New Mystery Girl”. Shit.